Indonesian Cuisine

By W. Wang

Indonesian dishes is characteristically spicy and a variety of hot chili peepers are featured in most Indonesia dishes. Some of Indonesian popular dishes are now common across Southeast Asia. Last year,  after more than 35,000 votes on Facebook poll conducted by CNN Travel, two of Indonesian cuisines – ‘Rendang’ and ‘Nasi Goreng’ – have claimed the title of no. 1 and no. 2 ‘World’s Most Delicious Food’ –

Officially made up of 13,677 islands, Indonesia is surrounded by seas and oceans, providing abundance of seafood. Fish is made into fresh pasta, salted, dried, smoked, or fried. The warm tropical climate of Indonesia also provides luscious and various exotic tropical/sub-tropical fruits and vegetables which can be found year-round – perfect ingredients for various dishes. Coconut for example is easily found everywhere and is used as cooking oil component or an ingredient in cooking.

Each of Indonesia province has more than one traditional cooking that differs from one another. Wide array of spices and chili are main ingredient in provinces like West Sumatra and North Sulawesi. West Sumatra is also where tourists can find various kinds of cooked meat. It is the home of world’s most delicious meal: Rendang Padang.

Rice is the most important part of a meal for the majority of the people. In some of the Eastern islands, rice is replaced by corn, sago, cassava and sweet potatoes. Different kinds of vegetable, soy, meat, chicken, and fish are main parts of Indonesia’s diet.

Pork is easily found in Bali, Papua, and highlands in N Sumatra and North Sulawesi. Pork is served at Chinese restaurant.

Coffee and tea are Indonesia’s abundant commodity. The most expensive coffee in the the world, coffee ‘Luwak’ is originated from Indonesia. Different regions produce their own unique beverages. The most common beverages locally produced across the archipelago is called  ‘Tuak’ which is made from fermented rice made from rice fermentation.Food


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